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Software Architecture: Foundations, Theory, and PracticeWelcome to the authors’ homepage for Software Architecture: Foundations, Theory, and Practice!

Why is the World Wide Web so successful? What has enabled it to scale across millions of servers and untold users?  How can a company leverage its corporate knowledge to produce economically a family of software products that dominate a market segment?  At the core of the answers to these questions is software architecture, the set of principal design decisions made about a system.

We reject the notion that software architecture is just another name for “high level design” or the components-and-connectors view of a system. Rather, architecture is a discipline, rooted in design, that persists throughout a system’s entire lifecycle. Our book examines architecture from this holistic perspective, showing how architecture affects a software system from the earliest phases of design through its deployment and maintenance.

We have set up this website as a way to interact directly with readers, professors, teachers, and students. We welcome and encourage feedback, comments, and suggestions. You can contact us directly via email (see the contact page), or you can join the discussion on our blog.

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–Dick, Neno, and Eric