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Here, we will be hosting additional resources for different users of the book.

Course Slides

We have a complete set of PowerPoint slides available for a full term course covering the entire book. We have decided to make these available to instructors and students from this website.

Click here to browse and download PowerPoint versions of the slides for Software Architecture, Foundations, Theory, and Practice.

Clicking the link above allows you to download the files one at a time. However, they are also in a Subversion repository. If you have Subversion installed, you can check out the entire set with:

svn co ppt

If you have any trouble getting the slides, please contact us.

Code for Lunar Lander Examples

We have also made the code for the Lunar Lander pipe-and-filter and C2 implementations available.  The C2 version includes a copy of the Lightweight C2 Framework referenced in the book. There are a number of different ways to get the code.

The easiest way is to simply download and unzip the following ZIP archives:

These contain source and binary (i.e., precompiled) directories. By running the command-lines in the book from the bin directories of the respective projects with a Java 1.6 interpreter, you should be able to execute the precompiled versions of both games.

For pipe-and-filter:

java GetBurnRate | java CalcNewValues | java DisplayValues

For C2:

java LunarLander

You can also browse the code through your Web Browser.

Lastly, you can check out both projects using Subversion. Both projects include Eclipse .classpath and .project files, meaning they can also be checked out as projects into an Eclipse workspace using Subclipse. The project root URLs are:

For pipe-and-filter:

For C2: